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For The Old Fashioned NEW Debut Single For The Old Fashioned, a brand new project hailing from Southern California, is teaming up with AP to bring you the first track from their debut album. The band, which is built up of musicians with diverse and extensive musical backgrounds, balances brutal metal and forceful EDM. In […]... Read more
EDM 1st Television Channel This Monday, as part of Miami Music Week, DirectTV will debut a new television network. Instead of the usual affair of sit-com, drama, or news shows, however, this channel will be of, for, and about dance music. According to Beatport, EDMtv will be the first television network entirely dedicated to the [&hel... Read more
EDM Producer Vein Shares ‘I Feel It’ Featuring Alejandro Brooks on Soundcloud [LISTEN] by Jon Niles While we’re guessing that you haven’t heard of the Miami EDM artist and producer Vein, it’s highly likely that you’ve heard some of his infectious tunes. Vein, whose real name is Gavriel Rafael Aminov... Read more
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