Chew.TV – Live Streaming Platform for DJs

What is Chew.TV?

Chew is the live streaming platform that connects a community of over 20,000 amateur, up-and-coming and professional DJs, producers and personalities from over 130 countries around the world. Our community of content creators is joined by an audience of both fellow creators and fans in over 190 countries.

Full-time team of three based in East London. We’re amateur DJs, musicians, record label managers and event promoters.

Fun facts

  • Users: 20,000+
  • Shows created: 30,000+
  • Chat messages shared: 150,000+
  • Number of hours of content broadcast: 15,000+
  • Number of hours of content watched: 130,000+

Help and Support

If you have a query, send an email via or join the Chew community Slack channel.

Anything Else

If you’d like to contact, please get in touch via


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